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Nevada Organization of Nurse Leaders

Region 9 Affiliate of the American Organization of Nurse Executives

NONL Committees

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee provides current healthcare-related education to NONL members, including opportunities to see the latest in healthcare technology via the conference exhibitors and vendors. This committee also arranges the annual NONL business meeting and networks with Nevada nurse leaders. The committee's e-mail is .

Stevielynn Webber
Business Manager

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee manages and updates the NONL bylaws with approved changes, including presenting changes to the NONL Executive Board and NONL membership for approval, and tracking all such changes. The committee's e-mail is .

Marissa Brown
Chair, Bylaws Committee

Education Committee

The Education Committee plans and organizes quarterly training opportunities for the general NONL membership with associated CEUs. The committee's e-mail is .

Marissa Brown
Chair, Bylaws Committee

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee identifies and monitors the needs of NONL members to develop programs and systems that support members expectations. The goals of this committee include: increasing membership; screening applicants against established criteria for membership; monitoring and tracking membership; developing programs to encourage committee participation for new members; conducting focus groups of members and non-members in order to identify ways NONL can enhance member benefits. The committee's e-mail is .

Debra Fox

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is chaired by the immediate NONL Past-President. The committee coordinates the nomination/election process anytime NONL has an open elected position, such as NONL Executive Board member. The committee's e-mail is .

Melodie Osborn
Committee Chair

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee provides current information on Nevada legislation (bills, etc.) which are being considered for approval. The committee provides NONL input to the Nevada Hospital Association (NHA) on upcoming health care legislation, and it represent NONL in the Nevada legislative process. The committee's e-mail is .

Marissa Brown
Committee Chair

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee administers the NONL nursing scholarships. This committee determines the criteria for eligibility, scholarship categories, and disbursed amounts. The committee's e-mail is .

Carla Adams, RN, MSN
Chair, Scholarship Committee

Social Media/Communication Committee

The Social Media/Communication Committee manages all NONL social media sites (i.e. facebook, twitter, linkedin.). This committee networks with outside organizations. The committee's e-mail is .

NONL Executive Board & Advisors

Click here to view a separate page with information about NONL's Executive Board, advisors, and ex-officio Board members.

If you have any questions about NONL's organization, mission, or activities, please contact us!